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"In portraits, the grace, and I may add, the likeness, consists more in the general air than in the exact similitude of every feature." --Sir J. Reynolds.

Welcome to my galleries. I am a professional photographer that spends a portion of my year traveling the United States doing family/private portraits and event coverage. I hope your time here is enjoyable. I look forward to your sincere feedback and inquiries about my services...use the comment feature under any photo and I'll get the message. I'll replay as available. Until me meet, I'll be "Documenting it happens."

Along the way I do find the occassional landscape or "life-shot" that catch my eye. "YES" to most fequently asked question of the past few years. I have finally made certain Galleries/Photo's available for purchase with little effort and I hope for a reasonable amount. To find out more about my "printing & framing philosophy please see either of my sites: (Professional) (My Life & Misc. Business & Charitable Ventures)

Best of juju to you and yours....Curtis (

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